Providing hope for millions of sufferers.

Early in-vitro data has been successful and pet testing in mice has shown no adverse effects with oral administration at concentrations thousands of moments higher than found in our in-vitro testing. The target for cancer research is to get the cure for tumor. We are actually working to raise additional funding to expedite getting this therapy to advertise. The mechanism of action is in keeping with apoptotic pathway activation and simply shuts down the malignancy after exposure to our molecules. The pet model in mice shows no proof toxicity. Our antineoplastic has been tested against cell lines that are being among the most hard cancers to take care of. Further testing may present that our molecules also have therapeutic utility for additional cancer types .. AKD Global announces new course of cancer remedies in development Today the discovery of a new class of cancers AKD Global announced treatments in development, providing hope for millions of sufferers.This research also provides an estimate of the effectiveness of an oral polio vaccine against paralysis from disease with a cVDPV and shows that trivalent oral polio vaccine provides better protection against illness with type 2 cVDPV than against infection with type 1 WPV or type 3 WPV. This finding is consistent with the higher prices of seroconversion to the serotype observed after administration of trivalent oral polio vaccine in developing countries.22 Our results indicate that interrupting the transmission of a cVDPV may require control actions and degrees of population immunity much like those needed to interrupt an outbreak caused by WPV.