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Amlexanox may inhibit release and formation of histamine, TNF-alpha and leukotriene from mast cells, basophils and neutrophils, and has solid anti-inflammatory effects in mucosal tissue with few undesireable effects. By formulating amlexanox in its proprietary mucoadhesive polymer hydrogel delivery program, Access includes a protectable and patented formulation of the interesting pharmaceutical active. Davis, President and CEO of Access Pharmaceuticals, Inc. We believe a proprietary formulation of amlexanox, within an simple to use format, could have wide clinical applications and industrial appeal. Amlexanox has been shown to be as effectual as dexamethasone in treatment of erosive oral lichen planus.Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, our parent organization, offers a lot more than 50 years of experience and verified protocols in the region of organ transplantation. We anticipate providing these services in our community. Related StoriesNurses who work with organ transplant patients knowledge high levels of psychological exhaustionEx-vivo lung perfusion technique can reduce threat of transplant rejectionSleep deprivation can impact outcome of stem cell transplantation, research findsCleveland Clinic Florida has the clinical regions of expertise to support a comprehensive transplant program.