Alere announces financial results for quarter ended 2014 Alere Inc.

Excluding revenues from our U.S. Mail-order diabetes business and taking into consideration the flu and Triage adjustments, the currency-adjusted organic growth rate for the second quarter of 2014 was 0.4 percent for the rest of our Professional Diagnostics segment. The 0.4 percent adjusted organic growth price for our Professional Diagnostic segment for the second one fourth of 2014, adjusted for the influence of the U.S. Influenza, meter-based Triage products and mail-order diabetes revenues as noted above, reflects a 4.1 percent decrease in altered U.S. Revenues, when compared to second quarter of 2013, offset by a 4.3 percent increase in adjusted net revenues from our international business.This has been seen as a the emergence of a hypervirulent strain of C. Difficile and an increasing risk of treatment failure and recurrent infection.1,6-14 We developed one completely human being monoclonal antibody targeted against C. Difficile toxin A another against toxin B . We’ve found significant efficacy for the mixed antibodies in an established hamster model of C. Difficile contamination, as well as safety in a phase 1 study in healthy volunteers. 15 We have now report a phase 2 randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of the efficacy of CDA1 plus CDB1 in preventing the recurrence of C. Difficile infection. We also examined the basic safety of this therapy and its effects on the length and severity of the initial episode of infection and on length of hospitalization.