Glyphosate New monster types of weeds are taking over fields around the world.

Experts in weed administration are sounding the alarm and searching for fresh ways to handle the problem after fifteen years of agriculture structured largely around Monsanto’s flagship Roundup herbicide, where ‘extensive and sustained usage of glyphosate as a sole weed control system’ has now pressured many farmers to draw weeds by hand or return to a costly mechanical tilling of the soil. The rise of herbicide-resistant superweeds is becoming such a widespread issue that coping mechanisms and mitigation strategies had been a dominant topic at the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest research and industry society, when it kept its 246th National Meeting & Exposition.Allergan can make an upfront payment to Serenity of $43 million, potential development and regulatory milestone payments of up to $122 million, upcoming potential sales milestones, and royalty payments on worldwide sales. ‘There is a significant unmet medical dependence on the treatment of nocturia, which frequently affects patients who have problems with urologic conditions such as for example overactive bladder, benign prostatic hyperplasia and general principal nocturia. With Allergan’s strategic focus on establishing a solid urology franchise and its own proven track record in pharmaceutical development and commercialization, we think that this will be a effective partnership,’ said Samuel Herschkowitz, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of Serenity Pharmaceuticals.