Affymetrix announces commercialization of next-generation human transcriptome array Affymetrix.

today announced commercialization of the next-generation human transcriptome array demonstrated by Stanford University researchers to be superior to mRNA sequencing in gene expression profiling research. According to results of Stanford’s lately published study, the Human being Transcriptome Array detected the same number of genes and two times the number of exons, experienced lower variance over an array of expression levels, improved the %age of true-positive detections in alternative splicing analysis, and measured even more non-coding RNA than RNA-Seq. With 99 % coverage of individual genes and 95 % insurance coverage of transcript isoforms, researchers motivated that the high density microarray is definitely an improved profiling array for medical studies.Of this sample, 11.6 percent had been attacked or threatened at some time. This %age rose to 23 percent for fights. The research goes further, finding that 5.2 percent of the teenagers studied carry weapons when they go out at night. ‘Having been threatened or harm with a weapon was associated with having frequent arguments related to the use of alcohol and drugs’, Calafat explains. The authors state that adolescence is definitely a risk factor itself, since teenagers are more prone and susceptible to this sort of behaviour.