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Inflammatory status is a key parameter for rheumatologists in the procedure decisions for sufferers with RA. Reducing the inflammation to circumstances of remission will improve standard of living of RA individuals and reduce long term disability. These devices functions by measuring the blood flow in 22 joints of the hands and wrists using diffuse optical transmitting in combination with a patented blood flow modulation method. Based on optical technology these devices poses no risk for the individual and is fast, operator independent, easy and cheap to use.These are known as nutritional or health supplements. Premier research labs A premier research laboratory is normally a laboratory of eminence situated at Austin, Texas. The laboratory has been undertaking premier research to build up various nutraceutical formulations, health supplements, super food concentrates etc. All these items are developed so that they help people obtain all the essential nutrition in the right amount without any added toxic material. Unique qualities The products developed by these labs go through rigorous testing and also have some unique characteristics that make them not merely nutritious and harmless, but acceptable to all or any the organs of the body also. Ingredient testing Premier research labs Health supplements conduct in depth analysis of the natural material that it uses and the completed products that it distributes.