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‘Cortisol may by one of the routes by which repeated everyday stress translates into long-term mental and physical health issues,’ Repetti said. Overall, women in content marriages enjoyed stronger cortisol declines than their counterparts in less blissful unions, the UCLA team found. Men, regardless of the quality of their relationship, showed an exaggerated cortisol decrease after busier days. Nevertheless, only married women seemed to enjoy this benefit happily; unhappily married women did not show the exaggerated drop-off in cortisol after a occupied day time. The investigators said additional research is required to understand the way in which marital satisfaction influences your body’s stress response procedure.Franken inquiry The Minnesota attorney general says the ongoing company has some overly-aggressive billing and collection practices. Pioneer Press: Accretive Health Issues Statement In Response To Minnesota Lawyer General’s Allegations The embattled Chicago firm that was the subject last month of a scathing report by Minnesota’s attorney general has issued its own report made to set the record straight, the company said Friday, May 11. The 29-page report was released by Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., since it features answers to an extended set of queries he released last month. Franken questioned Accretive Health after Attorney General Lori Swanson released her record alleging overly intense billing and collection strategies by Accretive Health insurance and one of its local clients, the Fairview health system .S.