Anders von Heijne.

Twelve months after plasma exchange, the patient could walk 500 m with a cane but nonetheless experienced partial paresis on the left aspect . He had not experienced any relapses and was working part time. He had also started treatment with interferon beta. Discussion The new, impressive therapies for inflammatory autoimmune diseases carry the risk of rare but potentially life-threatening infections. Hence, PML has been associated not only with natalizumab but also with other monoclonal antibodies that hinder various aspects of immune function.16-18 We believe that this case illustrates many important points that have to be considered in regards to to the risk of PML and its management.An abortion pill can cause incomplete abortion that may cause many issues to the fitness of the patient further. * Any females can go directly into depression if the undesireable effects occur. The physical and psychological well being of a woman gets disturbed if the abortion pill reacts badly. Suicidal thoughts can come in to the mind and it can prove to be an extremely difficult phase to deal up with. * Sleeplessness is another main side effect of eating an abortion tablet without the consent of the physician and taking into consideration the health of the patient prior to the intake. If the issue persists, then you have to see a medical expert instantly. * Painful intercourse and reduced amount of fertility are various other common side effects of consuming abortion pills.