Mixed Findings in Pots Influence on the Developing Brain: WEDNESDAY.

‘It is safer not to expose people to psychoactive drugs.’ But Paul Armentano, deputy director of NORML, a group promoting marijuana legalization, said the studies indicate that pot is no more dangerous than various other legal substances. ‘These papers again affirm that cannabis make use of, at worst, poses significantly fewer dangers to the developing human brain than does alcoholic beverages, and that its potential part in the onset of, or the exacerbation of, psychiatric illness remains marginal,’ Armentano said. He noted that while marijuana-use prices have fluctuated over many decades, rates of psychiatric illness such as schizophrenia have remained static, providing little basis for promises that marijuana triggers such disorders.‘Checking eligibility because of this deserving group of Air Pressure veterans and reservists is the right move to make,’ announced Bob McDonald, Secretary of the Section of Veterans Affairs , in a recent declaration. One in six federal disability checks addresses Agent Orange-related health harm among veterans Although they are reluctant to admit that Agent Orange was at all responsible for harming American armed service servicemen during the Vietnam War, the federal government has been quietly paying out benefits to thousands of them for years. The White House Workplace of Budget and Management, which approved the brand new disability benefits, admits that one in six disability checks issued by the VA can be for Agent Orange-related health damage.