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This investment supports an interesting business model for the advancement of important technology systems for our market. Dr. Green qualified prospects Ablexis as chief executive officer and brings 18 years of leadership in antibody discovery, therapeutic product development and collaborative research encounter to the Ablexis group. Dr. Green was a founder of Abgenix, where he offered in a number of executive level analysis positions and led or contributed to more than 50 antibody discovery projects.Her advice? Be cautious with regards to antibiotic use, Pena said. Take them only once recommended and needed by a health care provider.. Three years ago, Hans Clevers at his colleagues at the Hubrecht Institute in the Netherlands discovered that a unique molecular marker called Lgr5 designated stem cells in the mammalian intestine. “This would open a very classical way of regenerative medicine,” he said at a press meeting. Here’s a video from Clevers’ lab describing the crypt-ic stem cells:.

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