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‘Early identification of women and children subjected to violence and a supportive and effective response can improve females's lives and wellbeing, and help them to access vital services. Health-care suppliers can send a powerful message – that violence isn’t just a social problem, but a dangerous, unhealthy, and harmful practice – and they can champion prevention efforts in the community. Medical community is missing essential opportunities to integrate violence programming meaningfully into public wellness initiatives on HIV/AIDS, adolescent health, maternal health, and mental health.’ Five key actions required The Series urges policy makers, doctors and donors worldwide to accelerate attempts to address violence against women and girls by taking 5 key actions.AHF will host its press meeting to react to Obama’s AIDS technique at 3:30pm at the National Press Club close by. ‘The ‘New York Situations’ obtained a copy of the President’s AIDS strategy, and from what we’ve discovered of it up to now, there is actually no ‘there’ there,’ said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. ‘This plan is a day past due and a dollar short: 15 weeks in the producing, and the White colored House learned what people in the field possess known for years. There is no funding, no ‘how to,’ no true leadership. Regarding the 2 2,200 Americans on waiting lists to receive lifesaving HIV/AIDS medications through the country’s AIDS Drug Assistance System : In an effort to address the crisis, Senators Burr, Enzi and Coburn introduced S.