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Gordon – along with friends and family – founded the Progeria Research Base in 1999 as the only organization solely dedicated to discovering the cause, treatment and cure for Progeria after her son, now eight-years-old, was diagnosed with the disease. In April 2003, PRF succeeded in the initial part of its mission when the Foundation helped to discover the gene that causes Progeria. And.. blog page highlights styles from mHealth Summit The blog recaps a few of the major designs of the mHealth Summit: Connecting the Mobile Health Ecosystem, of December in Washington that was held at the beginning, D.C.The brand new requirement specifies that instrument calibration must be verified with at least one alternative that lies within 50 mOsm/kg H20 of the value of the test solution or the center of the expected range of osmolality of the check solution. In the past, researchers were required to verify calibration with 2 solutions which spanned the expected range of the test answer, and there was no requirement of how close these amounts needed to be to the test solution. The tighter new USP necessity created the necessity for a broader providing of osmolality regular solutions, particularly in the 200 to 1000 mOsm/kg range where most of the pharmaceutical, parenteral and IV drug products are formulated, says Kelly Peterson, Item Manager.