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The NeuroImage study describes the ways his group have devised to control the signals to accomplish types of contrasts and resolutions. For example, the technology can discriminate grey matter from the white matter within mouse brains. We have the capability to highlight soft tissue differences with extraordinary clearness, Johnson said.D., Ph.D.D., Sung-Bae Kim, M.D., Seock-Ah Im, M.D., Roberto Hegg, M.D., Young-Hyuck Im, M.D., Laslo Roman, M.D.D., Tadeusz Pienkowski, M.D., Adam Knott, Ph.D., Emma Clark, M.Sc., Tag C.But NDM-1 isn’t the first biomedical term to attract geopolitical controversy. Below are a few other naming disputes: .. Acute Palliative Care Device: A fresh frontier in managing individuals with end-stage chronic disease A new study shows that hospitals with specific units combining the compassionate care of hospice and the amount of care offered in medical-surgical units might provide efficient, cost effective assist with sufferers with advanced chronic illness or terminal disease.