About the CONTRACEPTIVE Patch Talking to your kids about sex can be daunting.

If a patch becomes loose and falls off or if a female forgets to apply a new patch on the right day, she should consult the labeling information or a health care provider about what to do. A backup method of birth control could be necessary for a while, such as condoms, or she may need to stop having sex for a while to protect against pregnancy. Also, if a girl stops using the patch for just about any reason, she will need to begin using another method of birth control, after 24 hours of removing the last patch usually. It’s OK to take part in regular pursuits like swimming and exercise while wearing the patch. Additionally, it may get wet in the shower or in the bath. However, the patch should not be moved or taken out until the week has ended . If the patch will not stick well, a replacement patch should be applied.If you are especially sensitive to allergies, you might like to swap curtains for window blinds or shutters; they’re simpler to keep dust-free. Clutter Lots of knickknacks make it harder to get rid of dust. If you don’t want to place all your precious items away, wipe them often with a multi-surface area cleaner . If you’re very dust-sensitive, wear a medical mask while cleaning, and stay out from the room for thirty minutes to permit the dust to settle afterward. Make your own basic, non-toxic cleaners at home Window Cleaner: Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Wood Cleaner: Mix equivalent parts drinking water and vinegar, and also a few drops of essential olive oil. Add important oils for fragrance if you would like. You can add a small amount of nontoxic dish soap if needed also.