Today announced that it provides signed a definitive buy agreement with Ten Broeck Tampa.

Acadia will find the San Juan Capestrano Medical center in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which can be licensed for 108 beds and includes a certificate of have to build 100 extra beds. San Juan Capestrano Hospital created 2012 revenues of approximately $25 million. Acadia will also acquire a 75-bed facility under structure in Tampa, Florida. The Tampa facility is scheduled for opening in the first quarter of 2014. Acadia expects to complete the purchase of these facilities in the second quarter of 2013, subject to normal closing circumstances, for $91.8 million in cash plus construction costs for the Tampa facility.Dittman will be published right here on NaturalNews afterwards tonight or tomorrow. Misleading application to Wellness CanadaAs the Health Canada website explains: sold in Canada require a item licence before being marketed. Obtaining a licence needs submitting to Health Canada detailed information on the merchandise, including: medicinal ingredients source potency non-medicinal elements, and recommended make use of.’ Adya, Inc. Apparently didn’t list sulfuric acid in its application, even though it may be the primary non-water component in the product. It did not list aluminum sulfate, though it may be the second most common metal in the merchandise, immediately after iron sulfate.