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If animals are less likely to seek medications after environmental enrichment, then medications and prevention programs will include human challenges such as for example school, exercise, and interesting cultural interactions. The finding is certainly counter to the long-held belief that 100 percent oxygen is better than air for infants needing ventilation in the first few minutes of life. International consensus statements for resuscitation of newborn infants suggest provision of 100 percent oxygen if assisted ventilation is necessary. However, there are problems that 100 percent oxygen decreases cerebral blood flow in newborn infants.But she cautioned parents never to put their kids in any Simplicity drop aspect cribs at this point. We’re happy that they finally completed the recalls of the drop sides, said Nancy Cowles, executive director of Chicago-based Kids In Danger. But she expressed concern that the cribs recalled Thursday had been offered through last month despite the fact that there had been repeated recalls of Simplicity cribs. Everyone sort of knew that these were viewing the same problems with these products, she said. Cribs which were fixed after the 2007 recall to hold the drop side in place are safe, based on the CPSC.