According to the Centers for Disease Control.

Join us for an informative and empowering system. Visit: and enter your email for show details + Freebies!. Allergies and cancer on the rise because of GM foods Food allergies have grown to be a global epidemic and typical medicine has no cure. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, food allergies have increased by 50 percent between 1997 and 2011. Could this have anything to do with genetically engineered foods? Because the 1990s, when genetically modified foods were approved, we’ve seen a dramatic upsurge in food allergies, asthma, ADHD and several forms of cancer. Needlessly to say, most corporately-controlled, government wellness ‘experts’ would state genetically modified foods are ‘safe’ – but where will be the safety studies to back up this unscientific claim of security? GM foods cause massive damage to the digestive system.We will now be able to engage in a new degree of dialogue with Indian researchers, who are among the leaders pressing the limits to improve life in this area.’ AB SCIEX and Labindia will work closely to ensure a smooth changeover of Labindia’s former mass spectrometry-focused personnel, who will provide uninterrupted service and support in this changeover and continue to be the day-to-day contacts for Indian mass spectrometry customers. As part of AB SCIEX, the team will continue to work from their current locations in India.. 1 800 Obtain THIN to sponsor Wendy’s Knowledge Is Power program 1 800 GET THINSM is proud to sponsor Wendy Carrillo in this year’s Walk for Desires and encourages you to live a healthier life, try your community and help brighten children’s lives, one step at the same time! Wendy Carrillo is the host of Understanding Is Power, Power 106 FM’s Los Angeles community platform where consciousness on issues that matter to Angelenos are elevated.