Food and farm organizations.

70 groups urge NATIONAL GOVERNMENT not to restrict GMO labeling in secret trade agreements Scores of consumer, food and farm organizations, along with businesses, possess sent a letter to the Obama Administration, requesting that it not curb attempts to promote labeling of genetically modified foods during ongoing secretive talks between your United States and europe . As reported by Andrew Ranallo for the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy – – among the organizations, together with the Cornucopia Institute, that signed the letter – – U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman is normally negotiating the Transatlantic Free Trade Contract currently, or TAFTA, with the EU. Froman seeks to establish common regulations covering consumer protections, and has targeted the European Union’s regulations of genetically altered foods, which includes customer labeling, Ranallo wrote.

6. Mistletoe will come in different forms Not absolutely all mistletoe has the festive holiday look many of us are used to. Some broadleaf mistletoes have green stems with oval-shaped leaves and little, sticky, whitish berries. Dwarf misteltoes are smaller, with yellow or orange leaves scaly. Some haven’t any leaves at all plus some appear to be a dense bundle of twigs stuck in the branches of another tree. 7. And goes by many different brands Mistletoe is called birdlime also, all-heal, golden bough, drudenfuss, iscador and devil’s fuge.. Reconsider. The festive plant – – which also goes by the name devil’s fuge – – retains some sinister secrets. 1.