AAMC presents Nickens award to Stritch School student Ray Mendez.

He's preparing for a career while a grouped community physician to provide high quality and accessible care to minority groups. The AAMC presented the Nickens award to Mendez and fellow recipients in a ceremony last November in Washington, DC. The countries surveyed, two-thirds which are in Africa, ‘accounted for 58 % of all world’s births in 2009 2009 – but 80 % of stillbirths all over the world, 82 % of newborn deaths and 91 % of maternal deaths,’ according to the news provider .The primary theme of the meeting is definitely Chemistry for Combating and Preventing Disease, and the presentations are being produced at the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Symposium organized by the Carbohydrate Division of ACS. Data being presented by Alnylam researchers at this meeting include brand-new results on style, synthesis, and characterization of siRNAs, siRNA conjugates, and delivery formulations. Certainly, these cumulative data demonstrate Alnylam’s continuing scientific leadership in the advancement of RNAi therapeutics as a fresh class of innovative medicines, said Muthiah Manoharan, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Drug Discovery.