Tobacco Worse Than Illegal Drugs?

Alcohol was the fifth-most harmful drug and tobacco the ninth most harmful. Cannabis came in 11th, and close to the bottom level of the list was Ecstasy. According to existing British and U.S. Drug policy, alcohol and tobacco are legal, while cannabis and Ecstasy are both illegal. Prior reports, including a report from a parliamentary committee this past year, have questioned the scientific rationale for Britain’s drug classification system. ‘The existing drug system is ill thought-out and arbitrary,’ said Nutt, discussing the United Kingdom’s practice of assigning medications to three unique divisions, ostensibly based on the drugs’ potential for harm.Physical activity/diet/obesity Nearly two-fifths or 38. 5 % of all college students surveyed fall within the overweight or obese/extremely obese categories. At the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 29.1 % of those surveyed fall within the overweight or obese categories obese/extremely. A fresh issue is surfacing with regards to student physical health, 28.7 % of students surveyed report excessive computer/Internet use and 41.8 % indicate the experience affected their academic performance.