There Is No Magic Pill.

AHF unveils new national marketing campaign about AIDS drugs AIDS Healthcare Base today unveiled a fresh national advertising campaign headlined, There Is No Magic Pill, an advocacy and awareness campaign to educate and prompt debate among gay males and others regarding Gilead Sciences and its likely plans to seek Food and Drug Administration authorization for usage of its blockbuster AIDS drug Truvada as a form a ‘pre-exposure prophylaxis’ to prevent HIV transmitting sildenafil citrate . Truvada, a drug compound that includes Gilead’s medicines Viread and Emtriva , happens to be FDA approved for make use of as part of antiretroviral therapy combos for individuals already coping with HIV or AIDS.

It is time for BMS to intensify and join the additional pharmaceutical companies that have found methods to reduce the price of drugs to California and its own ADAP program.’ Background on the Pricing and Effect of BMS’ Reyataz Because it was first accepted by the FDA in 2003, BMS has elevated the cost of Reyataz by over 25 percent. Today, the Average Wholesale Price of Reyataz stands at $13,046 per-year. AHF officials be aware Reyataz must be used with at least two various other HIV/AIDS drugs as part of a highly effective antiretroviral treatment program. AHF has noticed firsthand the influence of high priced AIDS medication like Reyataz. In California, for example, since 2000 the number of new ADAP clients has only improved by 50 percent, but AIDS drug spending has elevated by 165 percent.