First-quarter 2014 worldwide product sales of $5.

The August 2013 product sales disruption in International Nutrition and the timing of supply of key items in Established Pharmaceuticals, mainly related to an anticipated plant shutdown for capacity expansion purposes, are estimated to have reduced Abbott’s international sales growth by approximately 2.6 %age points. We are off to a good start, and we continue steadily to expect accelerating performance beginning in the next quarter as we target another calendar year of double-digit ongoing earnings-per-share growth, said Miles D.We consequently plan an interval for recovery with rest and nutrition. After the adrenal pumping activity has ended, the body goes through a recovery phase for 24-48 hours where we are tired, listless and less in a position to respond to tension. Although our muscles may be sore and a bit tired for a couple days, we are otherwise physically refreshed by this sort of activity with a renewed degree of energy. Stress exhaustion is not planned nor welcomed and is normally due to the thoughts and feelings of the individual rather than the related situation. Everyone has their own level of tension they can deal with. One individual experiences stress as a complete result of losing a job and becomes emotionally exhausted with worry.