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Additional reasons for the lack of efficacy may include the interpretation of the info on intracranial pressure , having less identification of subtypes of traumatic mind injury requiring different methods to administration , the general primacy of manipulation of intracranial pressure as opposed to consideration of additional physiological interventions , or even the concern of intracranial pressure as cure variable instead of merely an indication of disease severity. The value of knowing the precise intracranial pressure isn’t being challenged here, nor is the worth of treating severe traumatic human brain injury being questioned aggressively.‘I’m not really saying I believe teachers should carry guns, but it’s important they are educated,’ stated Jeff Kyle said. ‘Chris was about understanding of firearms and helping give a sense of security for people.’ The perpetuation and proliferation of zero gun killing zones is definitely a unfortunate commentary on American society today. Surrendering our to self-defense in every venues, at all times, has not worked as public policy clearly. The movement to teach educators about proper gun use is a great first step in reversing this ‘come and kill me’ mindset.

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