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The safety and efficacy of testosterone treatment in enhancing muscle performance and physical function in older men with restrictions in mobility have not been studied. The Testosterone in Older Males with Mobility Limitations trial was a placebo-controlled, randomized trial that was designed to determine the consequences of testosterone administration on lower-extremity strength and physical function in older men with limitations in mobility and low serum levels of total or free December 2009 22, a safety and data monitoring board, established by the National Institute on Aging, determined that the incidence of adverse cardiovascular occasions in the TOM trial was significantly higher in the testosterone group than in the placebo group.The latest medical technology called to be acupuncture clearly pierced in to the medical globe and produced many miracles in this field. We existence strong are having a great group of such professionally qualified Acupuncturist in San Diego that will provide enough comfort in your medical complications. They are extremely talented and in addition professionally experienced ones. Various kinds of medical techniques reach the medical field for curing your body and illness health related issues. But out of these the original technique called to be acupuncture had picked the most prominent positing in curing your body health issues. The main reason behind this higher impact of acupuncture in the medical field is usually that the intensity of the medication whatever cures the health issues completely.