Advaxis updates preliminary data from ADXS-HPV Phase 2 trial on cervical cancer Advaxis.

After 110 patients and 264 doses, the safety data can be encouraging. ADXS-HPV proceeds to demonstrate a well-tolerated and manageable basic safety profile with 32 percent of patients reporting Grade one or two 2 transient, flu-like symptoms that self-resolve or react to symptomatic treatment. Significantly less than 2 percent of individuals reported serious adverse events associated with ADXS-HPV. Published studies on chemotherapy treated patients like these show 100 percent of patients experiencing serious adverse events, usually multiple times. Serious adverse events result in death, are life-threatening, cause significant disability or need inpatient hospitalization.Electro-oxidized water features extremely unique characteristics. These characteristics: high positive oxidation, high concentration of dissolved oxygen and chloride among other things are known as alkaline water. Alkaline water has shown to be effective in the treating diabetes in many eastern countries. In Japan, physicals will demand patients drink about 9 to 10 glasses of alkaline ionized water each day. The heavy oxygen ions in the water combat free radicals in the physical bodies. Once free radicals are eradicated or defeat back, the human body begins to react to the living alkaline water. The alkaline water in essence decreases how big is molecules in your body while increasing hydration. The water also aids in blood circulation. Diabetes is due to the pancreas inability to procedure insulin properly.