Including AIDS drugs.

– Globe Bank Contrary to claims by drug businesses, increased intellectual real estate protections have not really fostered more technology for better treatment. A 2006 Government Accountability Office report found that despite increased spending on research and development in the last decade the number of new drug applications had not significantly increased. Based on the report, Although the pharmaceutical market reported substantial boosts in annual research and development costs, the amount of NDAs submitted to, and approved by, the FDA is not commensurate with these investments. Further, the survey cited over two thirds of fresh medication applications being for modifications to existing medicines.Plastic surgery gives back, either or partially fully, the proper execution and function that a damaged organ or area of the body may experienced. Many deformed children and adults experience normalcy after reconstructive methods that are aimed to help them. Disadvantages Regardless of the general optimism that sufferers have for his or her procedures usually, there are dangers that accompany these. The risks and complications that can happen after and during the operation are a number of the biggest drawbacks of plastic surgery. During surgery, the individual can bleed excessively or react adversely to the anesthetic applied to her. Situations like these can basically escalate to a dangerous situation that risk turning out fatal or harmful for the individual.