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Dr. Gloria Morris and co-workers from the Thomas Jefferson University Medical center in Philadelphia compared demographic, molecular and clinical breast tumor data from a large female population in Philadelphia who had been diagnosed at TJUH to national data collected and reported by the National Malignancy Institute . Dr. Morris and her coauthors reported similar racial distinctions in this solitary institutional database to the national database. In both TJUH and the NCI databases, advanced disease and poorer prognostic findings were more diagnosed in African-American women often.Said the recall had not been related to contaminated surface beef distributed by California-based United Food Group LLC. The recalled items were delivered to Wal-Mart stores in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Tennessee, Tyson said. Wal-Mart has eliminated the products from its meat instances and is usually destroying the recalled ground beef still in its possession, officials said. Tyson recalled 40,440 pounds of floor beef, of June 13 all of which had sell-by dates. The bottom beef was offered in prepackaged trays that were placed straight into the meat case.