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Wife Geri, who was elected unchallenged, they would bring a fresh approach to NENA, to ensure the voice of the registered nurse is heard anafranil 10 . ‘I know that my experience is the club by ensuring that our voice is heard profit. ‘ – ‘We have a proactive NENA executive and our objectives are the NENA and ANF to increase membership, highlight the need to improve our postgraduate courses, and increasing recognition of the vital contribution of the registered nurse makes the rapidly changing health care environment of Australia. ‘.

Lynne comes with a lot of experience, she has a nurse for 22 years and is currently in rehabilitation at Bendigo Health to just from the Nurses Board of Victoria reappointed and is the only registered nurse on the board of the Royal College of Nursing. Australia, and Australia, and with an active member of the ANF Vic branch for 15 years. .

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