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In September 2004, the companies a Marketing Authorisation Application to the EMEA for the CD for Phase III trials. Trials.phase III study for the induction CD is underway. A Phase II study is to evaluate also underway to TYSABRI in RA. To date, more than 3,200 patients were received Tysabri in clinical trials.

‘With these data, we gain a better understanding of the broad therapeutic benefit of TYSABRI in MS. One Year two-year monotherapy trial is an important milestone in the treatment of MS This two-year data reinforce our belief that TYSABRI is the leading treatment for MS patients, ‘said Lars Ekman, executive vice president and president, research and development.

‘The successful completion of these preclinical studies Pluristem Pluristem, an additional an additional and potentially very lucrative, product candidate in our PLX platform pipeline,’said Zami Aberman, Chairman, President and CEO of Pluristem.##Item: Liquid gel hand disinfectant compared to formulating: a prospective intervention study Ousmane Traore, St├ęphane Hugonnet, Jann Lubbe.

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