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Improvements users have contained a higher level of engagement with other people, improve communication with their peers. Teachers and parents have also noticed that the children develop a better relationship with their school life and improve their performance in the classroom instead. Andree Woodcock from Coventry University Design Ergonomics Applied Research Group, said: ‘Reality is an autistic person a confusing, interacting mass of events are, people, sounds and sights of children with autism often the’invisible student . In inappropriate school environments that do not suit their needs. Project Spectrum is the first affordable space that can provide all children with a safe environment that can be part of the everyday places. Darryl Georgiou from Coventry University School of Art and Design, added: ‘We have been careful not to overload children with bright colors or sounds, while a space in which they can develop their skills your thoughts about ‘Project from from ‘. ‘The bespoke software has helped frenetic children relax and focus more All children had lots of fun and enjoyed. ‘In control ‘of the software and its environment.’.

The multi-sensory environments use the latest multimedia computer technology and connect with children in new ways. The the system the system is simple and intuitive, so that the teacher can use it without technical support.

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