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After reviewing his previous negative opinion, the Committee has a final positive opinion recommends the extension of the indication for Vectibix from Amgen Europe BV, which are use of panitumumab in combination with specific chemotherapy patients with wild-type KRAS metastatic colon or rectal cancer.

Review of pioglitazone-containing medicinesThe Committee is currently reviewing results from pharmacoepidemiological studies, non – clinical and clinical data and post-marketing reports of pioglitazone-containing medicines and the development of bladder cancer, their impact on the assessment balance the benefits and risks of these drugs. Will conclude the review in July 2014 and recommendations on the future use of these medications.Longer more, in the center this process is a prion, a protein changes shape in an self-sustaining example – similarly to the prions in mammals which is for certain neurological disorders such mad cow. ‘It is the first time we have seen a prion a cell relate to a positive manner the had determined which evolution of an organism,’says Heather Only True, lead author of the paper, be published August in online the journal Nature.

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