The anti psychotic drug used by humans also improved the mouse s condition

The anti – psychotic drug used by humans also improved the mouse ‘s condition, indicating that this mouse is a valid model for schizophrenia in humans. Brain disorderiscovery could pave the way for the development of better treatments for schizophrenia. – Through our research other other, we hope to develop a new class of drugs that mimic the effects of environmental enrichment in the brain to various brain disorders, possibly including schizophrenia, said Hannan . Pharmaceutical approaches may not for a particular for a particular brain disorder, people can still optimal level of physical and mental activity and a healthy diet and the right medication.

We have already identified specific molecules the goals for what I call enviromimetics ‘ and have this relevance for other diseases of the brain may be it. But of course there are big differences between mice and humans, and large clinical trials are needed to the cheapest medications , he said, he said. Schizophrenia is a brain disorder involvedbe brought over a complex and largely unknown interaction of genes and environment.

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