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The American Journal of Sports Medicine is the monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine AOSSM is a world leader in sports medicine education, research, communication and community. Society works closely with many sports medicine specialists and physicians to improve the identification, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries.. Carey, Sennett and his colleagues developed a unique measurement of game performance output in the professional athlete.

According to researchers, the fat composition of rapeseed oil optimally with regard to the fatty acids essential to the body, and is therefore well suited to reduce the fibrinogen level in the blood. Decreased levels of fibrinogen and cholesterol -.. The new research shows for the first time, – fibrinogen levels in the blood caused largely by the lack of omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid in the diet. If found too little of this benefit fatty acids in the diet, an imbalance between fatty acids When the omega in the body. When the omega-3 – alpha-linolenic acid is too low, the body begins to produce more harmful omega-6 arachidonic acid from the omega-6 linoleic acid, which hormone-like compounds, the thrombosis and inflammation.The mice dieting been of omega 3 fatty acids poor and the rich of fatty was amyloid-beta and tau protein levels latest 8.5 times higher than the in the control group mice whose food contained about 7 sometimes less bold. The fat – diet rich reduction is also Drebrin levels of protein in the brain, another feature of Alzheimer’s disease. – ‘Metabolic changes induce by such an eating will impact the inflammatory reaction the brain,’said study co-author Carl Julien the relation between the link between fat consumption and Alzheimer’s.

University of South Florida.. The mice who universities development of from Alzheimer’s disease can be high-fat high-fat diet yet? Laval scientists showed that most important neurological markers for AD at the brains of mice a diet are rich in animal fats and poor in the omega -3 fatty acids exacerbates. Details of the study – means that fad diets typical promoting say for most industrial states the development of Alzheimer’s disease – current online issue current online edition the Neurobiology of Aging.

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