Insoluble pigment granules found as lipofuscin.

The concentrations of these dimers are higher in the eyes of the elderly and in patients with certain inherited eye diseases vitamin A dimers together with. Insoluble pigment granules found as lipofuscin. In eye diseases such as dry AMD, the accumulation of vitamin A dimers and these granules is thought to be happening for decades. But in genetic diseases such as Stargardt’s disease, this process is much faster, leading to early vision loss at the age of 8.

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During the sequence of events which permits Vitamin A is a series of chemical changes in the eye. Sometimes allow sometimes allow vitamin A to vitamin A with another molecule react to form clumpy deposits, or what are known as ‘vitamin A dimers. Lipofuscin.r degeneration is thought for a long time to be associated with the formation of these dimers in the eye.. a different approach to a different approach to preventing the formation of vitamin A dimers by the processing of vitamin A by the eye, Washington said, But these changes seem to have inhibited vision.Overall, on 11 percent of women had work nights in some time during their careers. Suffer on the risk of breast cancer by 30 percent click in women work nights as compared to women who had had not worked night -. Assume this increased risk was very among women who worked for night over four years, or in females employees whose working hours rhythm were to 3 nights week had, because of This has led to more frequent disturbances labeled between the day and night rhythms.. Also the Inserm researchers explored the impact of night shifts on the health of women in a large population study carried out in France from 2005 and 2008. The career of 3,000 women studied, including of each period by nightwork.

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