Scientists have long known that babies born with PKU are missing or the the enzyme.

Scientists have long known that babies born with PKU are missing or the the enzyme, The amount ofconverts the amino acid phenylalanine deficient in a usable form. The amount of amino acid in the blood builds to toxic levels eventually to serious brain disorders, including mental retardation and seizures. Researchers have been less clear how exactly that power of phenylalanine interferes with brain function. – Was not Despite great progress in understanding the molecular basis of PKU, the mechanisms of how the brain is negatively affected by high levels of phenylalanine known, said Anatoly Martynyuk, assistant professor of anesthesiology and Neuroscience at the UF College of Medicine and the McKnight Brain Institute.

Based on our results, we changes in the brain changes in the brain can be higher higher levels of phenylalanine, but also by withdrawal of phenylalanine, Martynyuk said. Under such conditionsa sequential decrease in phenylalanine levels caused by variations in the diet facilitate glutamate system in the brain, and can destabilize the entire system. Under such conditions are likely seizures. .

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