While meeting the primary endpoint in predicting recurrence.

‘With these results , we believe we can introduce the promise of genomics into clinical practice for colorectal cancer in breast cancer for breast cancer, and are pleased that the study for presentation at the upcoming ASCO annual meeting in Orlando, Florida has been accepted. ‘.. While meeting the primary endpoint in predicting recurrence, the study does not meet a second endpoint evaluating a separate score, with a distinct set of genes, designed to predict cancer deathser relative advantage 5-fluorouracil/leucovorin after surgery. ‘Put the positive results of this large QUASAR validation study is an important step forward towards a better understanding of the biology of a disease that of of cancer-related deaths,’said Steve Shak, chief medical officer of Genomic Health.

The resulting genes were more than 1,200 stage II colon cancer tumor samples from the landmark QUASAR study were examined.

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