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Tamoxifen said, we treat breast cancer, tends BMI increase during the treatment. Cristofanilli said, we have become quite good at dealing with other side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea, and it goes away in a few days. But according to this:.

However called Cristofanilli oncologists treatment of overweight and obese LABC and IBC patients in order to more accurately to monitor eg by giving them more frequent physical examinations and scans. Prognostic value of body mass index in locally advanced breast cancer Shaheenah Dawood et al. Clinical Cancer Research 14 . Published early online 15th March 2008.

Before BMI is as a prognostic tool as a prognostic tool, beat him and his colleagues, prospective studies should be conducted and endocrinology confirm these results.

He said there more more research, the association between obesity and hormones, for example, it could explain why inflammatory breast cancer patients likely to be obese. He said he and his colleagues wanted:.NIST has recently started a special calibration services characterizing spectrometer to scattered light with this new method. Plans are being made engineering technology for industry, and an industrial paper is in preparation. For another information about calibrating, Yuqin Yuqin Zong or 975-2332.

Flare has often the most important source the uncertainty for common spectrometer. It can be unexpected big systematic mistakes, was then used to per cent depends on the application cause when attempting an instrument to measure a very low level of radiation at some wavelengths while there are relatively high concentration in other wavelength ranges. The new NIST method nearly eliminates stray light error. At a level of less than 0.001 % of the entire signal is, a desirable level for most of the industrial and scientific applications This permits a very accurate measurement of the low-power components of the radiation and accurate measurements in a high dynamic range on intensity.

New method that NIST method of improves accuracy into spectrometers.

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