The lake was second trip to Japan as a UNICEF Executive Director.

The lake was second trip to Japan as a UNICEF Executive Director. His five -day visit also traveling in the Miyagi Prefecture, The epicenter of Great East Japan Earthquake was. Thanks to a strong network of volunteers already in place, the Japan Committee for UNICEF distributed water, educational materials, clothing and medical care in the affected regions. In Miyagi and Iwate prefectures, more than 200,000 children received school supplies. To date a total donation to UNICEF from Japan approximately $ 16 million, while other UNICEF National Committees have more than $ 13 million, raised in solidarity with Japan.

On the MDGs follow – up meeting in Tokyo, the capital of a number of participants from different countries and organizations has been highlighted. – With the approaching 2015 deadline for achieving the MDGs, we need new ways to get more with the resources that we have find to to achieve not only more money for development, but also the development for the money , Lake said.

UNICEF Executive Director calls on reaching the poorest, the most disadvantaged to meet MDG targets for childUNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake today to discuss together with world leaders at a meeting hosted by the Government of Japan, such as the concentration of investments on the weakest may accelerate improvement of human security and global progress to meet the Millennium development Goals..Bonnans C., Fukunaga C, Levy MA, Levy BD: lipoxin A4 adjusted bronchial cell responses which for acidity injury. – Am J Surg Pathol two thousand and six Comments: Wallace JL: community of the defensive role of COX-2 in which lungs and intestines. Am J Surg Pathol in 2006 168:1060-1063.

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